About Us

America – Kurdistan Friendship Association


One of the most important characteristics of starting the new millennium is enlargement and depth of relationships between nations and that is via communication and civil organizations (non-governmental organizations). In other words, governments and official channels will not monopolize the relationship between nations anymore and they will not be the selected channels for that. On the contrary, nations also have access to build and strengthen brotherly relations via multiple means. The new era of the information revolution and the spread of democracy have established suitable grounds to support and promote this matter in many fields, and the last result of that fruitful deed is reflected on all nations.

From this vision, nations build relationships in different ways to establish reliable bilateral relations. After freedom from the tyrannical Ba’ath Regime, and under the auspices of building a new democracy in Iraq, the Kurdish nation is more than any other in need of promoting friendly relationships with the world’s nations and especially the American nation. The United States worked to eradicate dictatorial thinking in Iraq and is giving colossal support to the Iraqi nation in building a democratic system. Now we can see that the relationship between America and Kurdistan is not limited to official and government levels but is transferring to both nations business, cultural and academic environments, thus becoming more extensive and full of meaning than at official levels.

For all that has been mentioned above, we thought it necessary to establish
an American – Kurdish Friendship Association, which will be specialized in reinforcing and cultivating the friendly relationship between the Kurdish and American nations, and thus utilizing each nation’s experience in all life sectors such as: economy, education, culture, arts, sports and science.